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Hayley Danke, the voice behind www.katherineandmargo.com, was born in Newport Beach, California soon joined by sister and friend, Lauren Katherine whom this blog is named after. From a young age, Hayley was a rather inquisitory soul; constantly questioning all things from the most small and banal happenings to the most wondrous and complex ideas and events.

Her passion for creative writing stems from a long time interest in stories - personal, observational and fictional. She is inspired by the people in her life - constructive as well as destructive. She is currently studying Communications and Digital Media Studies at the University of Michigan and hopes to one day find a career that enables her to contribute her creativity and passion for life and its people!

About "Katherine + Margo"

Katherine + Margo is best described as a lifestyle blog dedicated to creativity, inspiration and empowerment, Founder of K+M, Hayley Danke, offers her unique, brutally honest, and unapologetically sarcastic perspective on just about anything that comes to mind under the WORDS tab. Peruse Hayley's spontaneously updated mood board under the, you guessed it: MOODS tab and get inspired! To please your ears and soul, listen leisurely to the playlists under SONGS, crafted with care by yours truly. In LOOKS tab you just may find a style + beauty tip or two worth the read! Hayley is always open to suggestions, comments, concerns and/or collaborations. Please don't be a stranger - reach out to hello@katherineandmargo.com.