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The Burgundy Palette

Hayley DankeComment

So I'm a little behind the curve on the Kylie Jenner Burgundy Palette - forgive me, I've been busy... busy being broke and nervous to venture into these shades. I always stick with the Naked palettes from Urban Decay. They're what I know best! After seeing all of the amazing looks created by Kylie herself, and some of my favorite Youtube beauty vloggers, I was inspired to go for it! So I purchased the $42 box of happiness and it arrived 2 weeks later.



First impressions: oh she cute. While the palette is a tad bit smaller than I assumed it would be, I still love it. One of the biggest complaints from customers was that there was no mirror. Because I ordered the palette almost exactly a year late, Kylie had some time to get herself and add a mirror. Included in the packaging is a "handwritten" letter from Kylie herself - its superglued to my refrigerator. 

So here goes nothing...



Let's start with a foundation base. To not prime, is a crime. Invest in some good primer to reduce the appearance of pores and then continue with you foundation routine! My routine is as follows: primer - liquid foundation - concealer - powder - contour + highlight. Now, I know some people will say "start with the eyes," but I can't focus on the eyes until I have a flawless face. Sue me. 





Here are the shades we are using today!

(I'm perishing I am SO pale. The UV is WEAK in the midwest!!)




Make sure you prime your eyes with a legit eye primer, or in my case concealer, and set it with powder. It will allow for the eyeshadows to blend much more flawlessly! I started with the lightest shade I swatched, 'Beach,' and applied it all over my lid. This palette is surprisingly pigmented so be sure to tap off excess product on your brush before applying. 


IMG_0367 2.JPG

I then took the second color I swatched, 'Brick," and applied to to my crease. It looks a little crazy right now, but be patient. 




Okay so this shade is fun. Using 'Dubai' I added some shimmer! While the shade is pigmented, I did apply MAC studio fix to brush to pick up a little more color! I concentrated 'Dubai' more towards my inner corners and then on my lower last line smoking it out with the other two shades previously used; 




To tie it all together I added mascara and some contour + highlighting! Don't forget to use your setting spray to keep this your look going strong. 

In a nutshell, this is a great palette to have in your collection! Yes, the shades are quite pigmented, but I didn't find them to be very difficult to blend! Oh and let me tell you they can stand the test of time. I wore this look for over 12 hours - Cider mill and pumpkin patch in the day, dancing at night.

Don't be afraid to try something a little outside of your comfort zone - it's just makeup!


The very best,