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Full Face Fuego

Hayley DankeComment

So I whipped out the Kylie Jenner Burgundy Palette again! This time I went for a ~bolder~ look that encompasses the shades "Burgundy" "Beach" and "Brick." I'm comin' at ya hot with the Full Face Fuego!


Step 1

Foundation! I'll quote myself from another makeup tutorial that my routine is as follows: primer - liquid foundation - concealer - powder - contour + highlight. Now, I know some people will say "start with the eyes," but I can't focus on the eyes until I have a flawless face. My skin can just not seem to adapt to this Michigan weather, leaving it abhorrently dry.  Moisturize that face, girl. Moisturize it. 

Step 2

Okay, okay, okay now to the good stuff. Just like the face, with eyes, to not prime is a crime! I start with priming my eyelids with the Urban Decay Naked concealer in the lightest shade, followed by Lancome setting powder. If you listen to any thing in this post let it be to SET YOUR PRIMER!! Should you forego this crucial step, blending your  eyeshadow shades will be near to impossible! Start with the transition shade of this look, "Beach," and apply it all over the lid.


Step 3

Using the unapologetically pigmented shade "Burgundy," use a smaller brush to apply to the crease and along the lower lash line. Using a clean blending brush, blend out the edges between the two shades and apply the transition shade, "Beach," as needed. Be patient, she's pigmented, but worth the effort!


Step 4

For the final shade of this look, use the shade "Brick" in the space below the crease shade "Burgundy," being sure to blend harsh edges as they come. 


Step 5

Finishing touches: mascara, eyeliner, and/or glitter if you're feeling extra fuego today! I used black eyeliner and shadow  to "smoke" out the look, using a smaller blending brush!


The very best,