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Sassy, subtle, super simple

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Makeup look for the day or ~the night~ Girl, it's whatever you want! 

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1. To begin this makeup look, start with a base layer of foundation. How much and what kind(s) of foundation (liquid, powder or both) is a personal choice. If I'm going somewhere particularly fancy - like a date, special event, or just feel like it - I'll begin with a thin layer of liquid foundation, followed by concealer for my under-eyes and blemishes and set it all with a powder.

This is just a base. Feel free to adjust, add contour, blush, and highlight as you desire. I am notorious for using the wrong brushes for certain steps as well as executing my makeup routine "out of order", starting with the face before the eyes! I was impatient as a child and never followed the directions my mother gave me.

This is just what works for me! 

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2. Your peachy eye shadow look begins with the shade "Trick" in the Naked 3 Pallet. As much as I love the colors in this pallet, they do not go on great with a dry brush. I dip my Sephora contour brush in water before the shadow powder and it applies like a creme eyeshadow would quite well! Work this base color into the eyelid, concentrating the color more towards the lash line. (We will clean it up at the top later)

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3. Add the second shade using a medium shadow brush in the shade "Tease" from the Naked 2 Pallet. This shadow does not require the wet brush technique, however it does result in a lot of fall out - so use with caution. I also like to add the shade "Foxy" from Naked 2 and "Limit" from Naked 3 on my lid to tie the colors together and blend - using the Sephora fluffy crease brush to blend out any harsh lines, creating a nice gradient. 

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4.  OOMPH. Bow down to the brows. This part is my favorite! I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in the Shade Chocolate. The trick is to use light, feather-like strokes to simulate real brow hairs. When in doubt, go lighter on the brows - we can't all be Cara Delevingne!

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5. My sister, Lauren Katherine, and I like to say we transform into different people when we put on mascara and curl the lashes. I use a MAC mascara and any eyelash curler I can get my hands on (Drug Store curlers are A-Okay)!


6. Contour time biotch!!! If I'm lazy I'll just use my Clinique Bronzer, but if I'm really going for it I'll use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in the shade "Bronzed".


7. If I'm wearing highlight, it must be an occasion. Using the same Glow kit, I will use the highlight shade "Summer".  


8. For blush, I use a MAC blush in the shade "Mocha". I have red undertones in my skin that make it look like I am already wearing blush, so unless I am wearing full coverage foundation, I don't apply the product. 


***After I applied the blush, I touched up the eyes adding the shades "Tease" and "Trick" under my lower lash line, to smoke out and tie the look together! Don't forget your setting spray too!

Like I said before, my makeup routine is hella out of order. I constantly go back to add a little more contour, fluff my eyebrows and DEFINITELY curl my lashes!***


List of Products

1. MAC Liquid Foundation

2. Lancome Powder Foundation

3. Urban Decay Naked Concealer 

4. Urban Decay Naked Pallets 2 and 3

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

6. Sephora Brush Set

7. MAC Mascara

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

9. MAC Blush

10. Urban Decay Setting Spray



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