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Get With the Glam

Hayley DankeComment

I committed to my hair and makeup everyday for a (school) week...


...and it was a much more taxing task than I originally thought. Typically, I'll wear a few coats of mascara, my let my curly mane do it's thing and call it a day, so switching over to full hair and make up routine was WORK.

My chronicled experiences for your reading pleasure:

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"AHHHHHH WHY" I scream as I hear my Old Car Horn alarm on my phone on day one (MONDAY). If the sun isn't up, why am I? I wanted to be conservative with my time. I allotted for 2 extra hours to get ready, setting me at the cringe worthy time of 6 AM. Determined to start my week of glam strong, I rip out my retainers and get to work. Full disclosure, I decided to kill two birds with one, shooting a beauty tutorial (see here). As the sun started to rise, so did my spirits. I soft-curled my hair for the first time in maybe 3 years and then began to tackle my face. To my surprise, my makeup look was coming along quite nicely! Girl, I was feeeeellingg myself. I was curious if anyone would notice my shift in appearance. Some of my girlfriends complemented my eye shadow game, but for the most part no one noticed - or at least didn't relay any comments. Regardless, I felt good. I felt put together, pretty and even confident!







TUESDAY morning rolls around and again, with the cursing of the gods for creating "morning", I awoke. This morning I was considerably more tired than the previous. It's only day two I reminded myself: gotta grind, gotta grind, do it for the blog! I decide to straighten my hair and go for a bronzy makeup look. Same feelings as Monday, more confident and put together than usual. I felt that this was a more toned down look compared to Monday's. I felt more myself, more natural - even though this look was anything but natural.







The same went for day 3 (WEDNESDAY). This day was H-O-T. Attempting to grasp the fact that Ann Arbor would hit 90 degrees today, I decided the best hair-do would be up, up and out of the way. I managed to "style" my top bun though. I strategically left some strands in the front for that messy look that is confusingly effortful and effortless all at the same time. Despite using my incredibly dependent setting spray, I felt as though I had paint running down my face all day. I was a human wet wall, a creamy foundation ice cream cone - pick your analogy, it was me. I couldn't run home fast enough to shower.






And then day 4 (THURSDAY) hit. I curse at my morning alarm once again. I whine and sip my orange juice until I realize that it's going to be much cooler today! And it's my roommate/soulmate's birthday - YAS queen. With great excitement, I whip out my makeup kits and begin my look for the day - smokyyy vibes and straight hair. I step outside feeling confident in my look. However, my excitement and general good vibes only last until about 3 pm when my energy begins to dwindle. The two hours of sleep I was missing each day were starting to catch up to me. All the tea in the world couldn't perk me up, but I had a day to get through and a night of celebration to reach!



Would I do it again? No, however, I do respect anyone who would! I understand how makeup can be empowering, artistic and simply fun to experiment with! For me, the very idea of putting in this kind effort every morning gives me a migraine. Chalk it up to lack of patience, time, or what have you - it's just not for me. While I do admit the makeup and hair gave me a sense of confidence and empowerment, I didn't feel like myself. Plain and simple, it wasn't me (<-- did I just quote a Shaggy song?) I wake up 20 minutes before class on a good day. To add two more hours in the morning... you're kidding me? Don't get me wrong I love getting all dolled up for an event or going out at night, but on any regular day I just don't have time! I initially expected there to be more of a shock from my friends; however, people generally didn't notice or even care probably. I realized, sweating off my fully contoured face on the Diag, that no one is going to pay as much attention to my appearance as I do. In a weird way, it was an encouraging experience for me to continue on wearing minimal makeup and dressing for myself. In a nutshell, I encourage all to follow the cliche: be yourself and dismiss anyone who tells you otherwise!

The very best,