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Finally Found Fred's

Hayley DankeComment
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I am gravely embarrassed to admit that I just swiped my v-card at the infamous "Fred's" after seeing a year's worth of "avo toast" and acai bowl Snapchats for Sunday brunch. You would think the visuals of green goodness would entice the avocado-compulsive Californian in me to skidattle to the local Ann Arbor restaurant much quicker, but hey, I'm here now! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this place. The aesthetics, the vibe and the food - divine, girl. Divine. 


*    *    *


These string lights. Are you kidding me? So cute, or should I say, so fetch - "It's October 3rd." (If you don't catch the Mean Girls reference, I kindly ask you to leave)


This number caddy is just grape (pun intended - no shade please). In all honesty, it provides a unique touch to something that most restaurants disregard. 


And how about this cute lil' shelf with water and succulents? It's a vibe. Furthermore, a necessity. I didn't know I needed a water and succulent shelf in my life, but I surely do! My future home will most definitely have a shelf dedicated to water consumption in every room.


I was so focused on snapping pictures of the decor, I almost forgot I ordered food! It was mid-snap of the water shelf when my trendy waiter introduced me to my dish: Spicy Chicken Sandwich + avocado - hold the mayo! This sandwich was straight up scrumptious. I was surprised by the inclusion of cucumber and pickled red onion, but girl it was amazing!


*   *   *


It's the perfect spot to spend money you don't have and study toward the degree that will get you $ome. Fred's offers great wifi, and background music to grind away on an essay or project. I recommend you get yourself over to 403 E. Washington ASAP. I know I will be back, no matter how many couch quarters it takes to get there! 

The very best,