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Keep the Ice Ice, Baby.

Hayley DankeComment

No, not Vanilla Ice. I'm talking about the real deal - frozen water - for 24 hours with HYDROFLASK!

To flask up, or not to flask up, that is the question. I ask myself - just how legit is this Hydroflask I've been toting round for years? Despite my lack of understanding in the science behind the Hydroflask product, I have been a long time supporter. I don't necessarily understand what a double wall vacuum insulation is, but let me be clear, I use it everyday! 

In 2016, my best friend Jane first sold me on the refillable bottle with three "E's": easy, eco-friendly, cost efficient. The Hydroflask company promises to keep your beverage at your desired temperature whether it be cold as a frigid bitch, room temperature (lame) or piping hot. I've noticed over the years that the product undoubtedly keeps my beverage cold. However, I had never tested their claim that the "revolutionary" technology will keep my ice solid for 24 hours - as you can probably guess, I conducted an experiment starting with 7 ice cubes at 10:00 PM.

*      *      * 

For you, my fabulous readers, I wanted to obtain the most accurate results. To do so, I channeled my inner Myth Busters, making sure I had my scientific variables in place for a two-day experiment:

Control variables: 7 standard ice cubes, 3 cups of water.

Independent variables: Drinking from the Hydroflask throughout day 1, Not drinking from the flask on day 2. 

Dependent variable: Ice remaining.

DAY 1:


I drank from my 32oz Hydroflask throughout the day, refilling around 2:00 PM. The ice had slightly melted by the time I refilled at 2:00 PM; however, the amount remaining was impressive, to say the least. The water remained "icy cold" as promised. By 10:00 PM, my Hydroflask was half full and all of the ice melted, which was in a word, dismal. However, I must admit the water remaining was still ice cold, baby!

I digress to day 2...

DAY 2:


As per my experiment variables, today I would not be drinking or opening the bottle to ensure the most accurate results. I was leaving my apartment when I dropped my precious experiment on the ground, earning my first dent. Understandably tragic, but I think it gives my girl some character! 

I patiently wait through the day, not drinking from or looking to examine the fascinating scientific process of fusion (melting). 10 o'clock finally rolls around and eager as a child in a candy store, I open the Hydroflask to find SOLID ICE! Wow. This is some serious sorcery, my friends!!

"Save the world from lukewarm," the Hydroflask brand passionately advocates. While the ice did melt in day 1, my water was no where near lukewarm! It managed to keep my water at that icy-cold temperature I perpetually crave. 

I would argue that the product goes beyond just saving us from the disgrace that is lukewarm water. For me, it's a helpful reminder to drink more water. For my dear friend Jane, it is a form of self-expression. She puts it best in a passionate rant expressing how "Hydroflask has truly changed the culture of drinking water. They took a health necessity and made it a trend! It may sound strange, but people can express themselves with it - whether it be color choice or stickers added - people feel a part of something bigger than themselves." Yeah, girl, I couldn't agree more! 

 My cute friends Sam + Jane (Hydro)flasking up!

My cute friends Sam + Jane (Hydro)flasking up!

In a nutshell, I encourage everyone to get their sip' on with a Hydroflask product! Just don't forget to clearly label it with your name, stickers, etc. - someone stole mine last year and I'm still quite salty about it.


The very best,