If you are reading this you must be a human. 

Strip you of all exterior and interior characteristics - a homo sapien stands. Despite what we good people say and know to be true, some will say and believe otherwise. How do we help them? How do we change the disturbed minds of those behind the Charlottesville protests and those alike? It's hard. It's not impossible. I believe we can first start with the facts. 

To the disbeliever in equality:

Think your paleness makes you superior? Think you and your "kind" are genetically destined to reign supreme? You are not only morally wrong, but biologically as well, my confused supremacist. Please know that it has been tested and proven that we all originate from this thing called cyanobacteria. Everything, really, originated from this, but I'll keep on the topics of humans. In evolution, we evolved from cyanobacteria over the course of many, many years into our own unique species: Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens all originated from Africa. So you, yes, you white supremacist are technically African too. How did the difference in skin tones that we have come to define ourselves by come about you ask? Let me enlighten you, disbeliever. Some homo sapiens, migrated out of Africa around 100,000 years ago and then spread across Asia around 60,000 years ago. Our special species, as you could imagine, was dispersed across different distances from the equator. If you learned anything in grade school, then you might know when you get "closer to 0" latitudinally the sun is hotter and thus favors a darker skin type to ultimately survive and thrive. Any bells ringing? Yes, disbeliever, "survival of the fittest". Through this, we as a species, at different levels latitudinally away from the equator, evolved to fit our climates. The Homo sapiens' DNA in Africa evolved to produce more melanin (produces skin pigment in reaction to sunlight) to protect their skin. The Homo sapiens' skin colors increasing North of Africa changes, becoming gradually lighter the further North one travels. There is less melanin needed to be produced in humans at distances far from the equator, thus yielding the light "white" skin tone and evolving into a large group, or race, of people with the light appearance.

The persistence of supremacists that the races are so genetically different really pisses me off. In accordance with my above argument, if you were to sit in a genetically diverse room (White, Black, Asian, Indian, Mexican etc.) the person who "looks" the most like you is no more genetically similar than a person you would describe as not looking like you. Take me, a white (European mixed) female compared with an Asian male, a White male, Black female, Indian female, and Mexican female. Genetically, the color of my skin has no impact to determining how "similar" I am to one of the other five people in the room. I very well could be more genetically similar to the black female rather than the white male. Most would assume I would be most similar to the other white male just because of our corresponding skin tones. Our "races" were created from thousands and thousands of years of evolution changing the exterior look of the people categorized in the race. Understanding how the DNA sequences of all humans are very very very similar amongst all races, we can begin to understand how "race" really is irrelevant - it's truly a social construct, not genetic. 

So if there really is no such thing as "race" then why are their racists roaming the earth. Doesn't quite make sense to judge, discriminate and hate a person because they appear as something other than white, huh? No, no, it does not. People are people and this incessant need to make America white again is literally making my blood boil. 

It just so happens as one of, in my opinion, the most discouraging days of modern American history occurs, I happened to have a tremendous amount down time. Recovering from surgery, I began to immerse myself in the news cycle that is "Charlottesville Terrorism". You would have to be dumb, deaf and blind to rule Charlottesville as anything other than terrorism. Yet, our President finds it all too difficult to describe it as such. I find it hard to believe that this self proclaimed Ivy League graduate has forgotten the word and its definition, however allow me to prompt your noggin:

Terrorism (noun) - the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

His Presidency has been nothing, but one of calling it like it is. Sometimes prematurely, sometimes inaccurately, yet he never fears or refrains from calling it like he sees it.

I am not President Donald J. Trump. While this may seem obvious, to anyone with eyes, it is important. I am not Trump, therefore I do not know the true intentions of him and his heart. However, his outward actions, or lack thereof, lead me to believe that he is not a morally sound President. He doesn't appear to be a President of all people and this hurts me more than I can express. His inability to unify the country with a firm condemnation of the racists who fully support him is disheartening. There are not "fine people on both sides" as he hastily claims. Those who stand with members of the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists are in bed with some downright awful and terrible people. I disagree that a "fine" person would stand behind unapologetic racism, sexism and violence among other concerning qualities. The people are not fine and neither is calling them as such. 

As a rational person I always try and see both sides of an argument. I strive to understand how someone could stand behind President Trump and his toxic behavior. In the mind of a morally sound person, I can see how some of Trump's policies such as foreign and economic affairs, are supportable. The country is facing a hard time for many reasons. The American people voted a person in office they believed would tackle our situation with the best approach and dare I say, make America great again. Despite this, I must argue that a President that does not demonstrate compassion and respect for all of his constituents, creates a country in chaos. Watching the footage unfold, is harrowing and physically numbing. I am personally saddened by the fact that as time progresses we seem to move backwards one hate crime after another. At the end of the day, if we don't have respect for one another and a President that undeniably reinforces this, what do we have? 

Free speech is distinct from hate speech. Racism is not patriotism. We cannot regress. Let us recognize that regardless of our exterior distinctions, we are all humans entitled to basic human rights and then some. 

The very best,



A video everyone and their mother should watch:

"On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to participate in the "Unite the Right" rally. By Saturday evening three people were dead - one protester, and two police officers - and many more injured." -VICE NEWS