How to pause.

Write it all down.


My journal matters to me. It’s not so much an object as it is a place, an immaterial world. It is a place where I can go to express myself without fear of being misunderstood. A place where, in a blissful respite from the rest of my day—it’s quiet. There is no room there for stress, anxiety, or pressure, only for leisure and contemplation.

My journal matters to me because it forces me to take pause. In a world that is so fast-paced and focused on achievement and completion, I like to be able to break the cycle and momentarily stop the clock that seems to be ticking faster and faster everyday. When I write in my journal, I don’t keep time. There is no bell that rings at the end of my writing block; I’m dismissed when I dismiss myself, when I’m satisfied.

My journal matters to me because it helps me process my thoughts. It’s important to me that I am being authentic in my written reflection, but oftentimes when I reflect mentally, I get distracted. The practice of writing things down helps to keep my mind on track, a skill which is applicable to everything in my life.

Because of my journal, I am able to look back at things from months and years ago to view my former self and compare it to the present. I can visualize how I have grown as a person; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some of the thoughts I write down may seem insignificant to a stranger’s eye, but every observance of my own heart and mind is meaningful to me.

The very best,