My honest thoughts on the human appendix.

Oh, appendix! There you go again, getting all inflamed, hot and bothered. You really need to calm down. People are going to cut you out of their lives if you keep this up.


Some say that you aren't important and serve no purpose, like men. They are probably right, but they just don't appreciate you like I do. 

 You're not wrong. ^

You're not wrong. ^

What draws me to the appendix is that it is a mystery in itself. I find it interesting that until recently scientists did not have a clue as to what this nine centimeter worm shaped organ's function was. It is now known that the appendix's function is to act as a storage house for good bacteria in the case of dysentery or cholera. However, scientists still scratch their heads as they try understand how it is possible to live without an appendix and not have apparent consequences.

Mysteries like the appendix excited me. It's amazing to me that such a small part of the body can result incredible amounts of pain. Most people could care less about what the function is or why we have it, but I am oddly intrigued. I'm enticed by the element of the unknown and the possibility of being on the forefront of a historic medical discovery.

Like the appendix, there is so much left science has to discover about the fascinatingly complex and beautiful human body. The appendix is a testament to the significance of science because it challenges scientists to do the most important thing - ask a question. Progress can only be made in science if we dare to ask the most challenging questions. With absurd questions, come logical answers that help us to further understand ourselves.

The very best,