The MOST under-appreciated word in existence.


"And what" you might be asking yourself. Chill, bill, I'll explain!

I find the word “and” intriguing. It’s not necessarily some complex, deep or eloquent word – I just find it captivating. In traditional English grammar, the word “and” is taught as a conjunction to condense two thoughts into one sentence; however, I find that this simple three-letter word has much more to it. Many times I find myself excited when there is an “and” in a sentence because I see it as a written invitation from the writer to continue on the literary journey with them.

One could always end their sentence with a period, but by stating “and” it continues the thought, giving the reader more insight. F. Scott Fitzgerald could have successfully ended The Great Gatsby with his revolutionary understanding of the “orgastic future” and the green light, but he didn’t. In adding “and one fine morning” to the end of the paragraph, Fitzgerald snuck in one last sentence that, in my opinion, summarizes the book and our lives in general – “so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”.

“And” is more than just a “FANBOY”. It is a momentous conjunction that deserves attention and praise because it serves as a catalyst to something potentially profound. Some people mistreat “and” by lazily using it in place of a second sentence. Some people fail to recognize its simple beauty as it completes another grocery list.

“And” is not the caboose, it is the pilot to an unexpected journey.


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The very best,