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katherine + margo
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Hello + Welcome


Congratulations! You found me! Whether you found this website on accident, on purpose, or on account of I forced you to read it, I welcome you!

I have wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but, to be frank, I didn't have the slightest idea how. Rest assured, world wide web, I got it figured out! I'm here and I have a ton to say. I hope you find this new social media platform of mine to be informative, creative and at the very least - entertaining. 

Here's a little background about me:

I'm that crazy betch that left Southern California to "find herself" in the midwest. I'm a sophomore at the University of Michigan pursing a bachelor's degree in Communications and Digital Media Studies (but who really knows to be honest). When I'm not in the midwest getting educated, you can find me with my high school friends at the beach or 35-45 minutes inland in Coto de Caza, most likely ding-dong ditching current freshmen in high school.

I have a passion, dare I say obsession, with people and the very essence of humanity. I know, deep right? I think that humans and the way we interact with one another day to day is simply fascinating. How we walk, talk, communicate - whats the purpose? What are we really working for, or towards? Why are you reading this blog? Most simply put, I wonder: why do we do the things we do? Yeah, you could say I'm a pretty inquisitive person. Okay, enough about the existential crisis that is my life (for now).

If you know me, you know my name is not Katherine, nor is it Margo. I decided to call this blog "Katherine + Margo" after my goddess of a little sister, Lauren Katherine, and myself, Hayley Margaret (abbreviated to Margo). Why? Because I felt like it. While Lauren is behind me in age, she is miles ahead of me in just about every other aspect of life. She is everything I strive to be and more.

This is in a nutshell, a blog - the best platform to share my life with you in a creative and fun manner! Thanks for listening (or reading, I guess). I hope you enjoy this as much I as do in creating it! Check back weekly for more posts about my life and such!

The very best,








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