Put yourself in your own shoes.

Style Spotlight: Michelle


No one else's. 

I sat down with my dear friend Michelle at the beautiful Tablerock Beach in Laguna Beach, California to understand the origin of her love for socks, shoes and personal style. 

"Socks and shoes are so important" leads Michelle's sock + shoe Instagram bio and I'd concur, yes they are, @miicchheellee/@whereismeesh. 

Apart from protection from the ground and blisters by footware and socks, respectively, Michelle will argue these necessities go beyond their intended duties stating "they can make your outfit!"

I tend to keep it pretty simple when comes south of my knees. Okay, I keep it remarkably simple. Usually, you can find me settling between my Adidas and Birkenstocks or an ankle boot if I am dressing to impress. For my soul sister Michelle, this is not the case!

She thinks long and hard about not only what shoes to wear, but what socks to go with it. I don't think I own of pair of socks a color other than white or black. Michelle's sock drawer is anything but dull. As it bursts at the seems, you can find a sock for everything from Christmas to 420. She has every occasion covered and I simply love it. 

Known for her vast collection of socks and shoes, she was inspired to start an Instagram account, solely (no pun intended) for her creative combinations. Michelle explains to me "I used to always post snapchats of my socks and shoes of the day. I liked the way it looked visually, but I wanted people who weren't connected with me on snap to see my posts." Consequently, @whereismeesh was born.

Michelle's combinations complete her outfits. They succeed in making what would be a painfully basic bitch outfit (lulus and sweatshirt) trendy and personalized. It inspires me to try and put more of my personality into my own clothing choices. Michelle has always, in my opinion, dressed for herself. It's a trait I quite admire. "It started with the socks" Michelle describes, "and I started hanging out with some friends who had an eye for style. They inspired me to create my own style - high waisted jean 'mom shorts' and t-shirts. I'm really into shorts and t-shirts. I'll go to the thrift store, find a shirt and cut it so I can wear it out." I have been to the thrift store many times with Michelle. Let me tell you, each time she manages to surpass us all on the trip and find the best t-shirt costing no more than $6.00. 

I asked our sock and shoe guru her opinion on socks with sandals, to which she replied, "I love it. I wear them with slides." In regards to thong sandals and socks, she retorted "ew, that's gross." You heard it here, hopefully not for the first time, socks with thongs sandals are not OK!" 

Her style reflects her personality. She never attempts to be anything other than her true self. I find it impressive and inspiring for the society we live in - people living and acting out the life they believe others expect them to lead. I am guilty of it myself! Confident people, such as Michelle, are such a blessing to us all, inspiring us to accept ourselves and then show the world!

Michelle is not putting herself in anyone else's shoes - and its a good thing! Keep doing you girl!


The very best,



All photos curtesy of @miicchheellee/@whereismeesh, Instagram